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Application Development

We develop mission-critical applications that address the unique challenges of your enterprise....

AMC’s software development division offers complete consultation and tailoring services for most business needs. AMC strategy is based on gathering observations and findings, eliciting requirements during the business area analysis phase, looking for the best practices and procedures in the relevant business sector.

From the business standpoint, our tailored solutions aim at implementing a modern business model for the customers in a way which would

  1. Maintain a complete and accurate digital record for every business transaction start-to-end,
  2. Expedite and facilitate procedures by desktop & workflow automation and on-line information, and
  3. Provide meaningful internet services to the customers of our clients by establishing on-line queries and e-services to address the frequent, repetitive customer’s concerns electronically, timely and speedily.

Implementing such a business model results in minimizing customer inquiries at the offices, reducing the system bottlenecks, avoiding rework, increasing staff productivity & quality of work, and hence facilitating and expediting service delivery.

AMC development methodology ensures a complete and successful project delivery. The applications are developed using IBM's famous methodology (Rational Unified Process - RUP) which is an iterative process of reviews and approvals. Applications go through “Prototype”, “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Pilot” stages before reaching the Production environment.

AMC is transferring the expertise and know-how to the clients throughout the different phases of the project. AMC believe in joint development, sharing and collaboration to achieve success.

From the implementation standpoint, AMC rely heavily on the wealth and quality of the IT & End User trainers. Training is conducted both in the classroom and on-the-job. Our experienced support staff provides the necessary technical assistance to End users on-site during the system start-up process in order to help them gain confidence to use the system efficiently without relying on manual backup efforts.

AMC technical management is rigorous about complying with the RUP methodology to safeguard the project success. AMC business experts have international exposure to inject modern technologies and introduce modern practices to enrich the required system. also the technical team is diversified to cover all aspects of the project, experienced and committed to deliver quality. AMC support team has a long hands-on field experience, and is capable of addressing the cultural and psychological issues associated with moving from manual to automated systems.

Having been able to serve other demanding business sectors within the Egyptian government as well as the private sector successfully for close to twelve (12) years till now, AMIRAL Management Corporation finds itself in a unique position to satisfy your business needs.

Our Choice of Technology

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Quality Policy

AMC was awarded the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in 2008 for quality assurance.

In AMC we adopt Quality as the foundation of our existence and the strategy for growth. We are committed to continuously invest in developing our human capital and improving our network capacity, internal systems and processes’ capabilities in order to develop unique value propositions and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

AMC Service Analyzer helps measure progress and quality of new applications and hardware as it pertains to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs)