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Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Reengineering & Performance Improvements

AMC offers the services of Business process reengineering (BPR), We have successful records implementing the concept of (BPR) in many huge governmental authorities changing the way they do their business.

Egyptian customs authority, Sokhna Port & Control Agencies “GOEIC” are samples of AMC customers that benefit from the concept of BPR, applying AMC proposed radical changes, positively affect the operations & result in an optimal operation time, saving costs & increase the revenues.

Generally Companies reengineer for a variety of business reasons. The gap between actual and desired results, is one of the main reasons to reengineer. Also reducing costs, improving & increasing the efficiency of company services, are critical motivations for companies to adopt (BPR).

The promise of (BPR) is not empty, it can actually produce noticeable improvements for business operations. BPR helps an aggressive company to stay on top, & also help growing company to reach the top.

Business Process Re-engineering Approach

AMC segmented BPR Projects into five phases; each phase has its deliverable that passes through a verification process to ensure customer involvement & Buy-In. The five phases defined as follow:

  1. Energizing the environment
    This first phase of a reengineering project may best be defined as mobilizing for action. During this phase, executive sponsorship is solidified, project teams established, project plan drafted, and a commitment to initiate the project is made.
    Deliverables: Drafted Project Plan
  2. Examining AS-IS Business Process
    In this phase, the ``AS-IS’’ environment is analyzed. It worth to mention that not only the business processes examined , but also the technology components also will be under review.
    Deliverables: Current process diagnosis – an assessment of the "AS-IS’’ process performance, business and customer context.
  3. Developing TO-BE Business Process
    This phase begins by determining what the new “TO-BE” business system should look like – and why. The process redesign will be characterized by two key components:
     - Responsiveness to executive goals that need to be achieved
     - Fundamental rethinking of how work is done
    Deliverables: Proposed new Business Model 

  4. Verify the Solution
    The goal of this Phase is to ensure the validity of the proposed solution by performing a walk through verification with the suitable Business Expert. The verification sessions will aim to make a simulation of the new Integrated process, & technology in a way to make stakeholders to ``think’’ and ``live’’ in the future, complements a simulation by describing what else is needed to achieve the business performance expectations, and expands that by acceptance of the new design.
    Deliverables: Proposed Business Model – “verified”
  5. Launching
    The launch phase represents the culmination of the process and begins to draw the roadmap to implementation.
    Deliverables: New Business Processes Implemented
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Quality Policy

AMC was awarded the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in 2008 for quality assurance.

In AMC we adopt Quality as the foundation of our existence and the strategy for growth. We are committed to continuously invest in developing our human capital and improving our network capacity, internal systems and processes’ capabilities in order to develop unique value propositions and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

AMC Service Analyzer helps measure progress and quality of new applications and hardware as it pertains to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs)