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Amiral Management Corporation (AMC) helps organizations derive maximum value out of technology investments through business solutions. AMC is a multifaceted organization with a single aim – to work across partners, departments and technologies to offer the single best solution for the customer’s ongoing business. AMC is an Oracle Partner, we provide consultancy and system integration end-to-end solutions in the Transportations, Logistics, Manufacture and ports industry.

AMC has been delivering comprehensive solutions that enable the customers to win in the market place, manage service delivery, streamline financial operations and analyze business performance across the entire service organization.

Embracing the latest in technology with Oracle and Microsoft, AMC provides a real-time, accurate view of your services business, so you can proactively manage with confidence. AMC solutions for services organizations optimize the business processes, empowering to expand the value chain, grow revenue and drive efficiency benefits straight to the bottom line.

What we do

  • Process analysis, documentation and optimization.
  • Oracle ERP Implementation .
  • Project management and scope definition.
  • Data processing and migration.
  • Users training, coaching and technical assistance.
  • Quality assurance.
  • IT Landscapes assessment and enhancement.
  • Business intelligence reports development using BObj-BI.

Our advantage

  • Business knowhow Long Experience in Transportations, Logistics, Manufacture and ports industry
  • Short time required to implement Based on our experience
  • Our specialist sectors
  • Ability to integrate different systems,
  • Responsiveness Provide an integrated solution
  • A comprehensive solution
  • Experience in processing manufacturing ERP implementations.
  • Business consultants with manufacturing background.
  • Supported by our infrastructure services.
  • Focused on Quality of Service.
  • Multilingual and flexible team.

How does it work?

By synchronizing and integrating business process with ERP, business managers and company owners are better able to see how efficiently and effectively their company is performing. ERP gives vital insights into business operations and business performance, showing the efficiency of current communication channels and workforce and organizational processes.

Oracle ERP model provides business managers and company owners with the ability to monitor and view current customer service processes and customer satisfaction levels. Improve a company’s financial performance by preventing the occurrence of accidental losses in operational activities, in addition to high level security settings which can help to prevent fraud and theft

How does this improve efficiency?

ERP give the business owners and managers the tool to see where money is being spent throughout their company. Such information is invaluable to anyone leading or managing a company, and is the first step to reducing operational costs and improving operational processes.

ERP model functions as a clear communication channel that links departments of a company with customers and suppliers, ensuring the constant flow of key information such as purchase orders, delivery schedules and performance reports. ERP information is in Real Time, which is particularly valuable to the operational streamlining process. Streamlining operations ensures that company performance is maximized throughout the entire operational chain, from product conception and production through to product delivery.

The facilitation and control provided by an ERP model means that any business manager or company owner is able to plan, execute and monitor the most effective strategic activities to ensure that business goals and objectives are met and surpassed.

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Flexi Budget
Flexible budget designed to give you the best of both worlds – the solution you need now, at a price you can afford
Quality Policy

AMC was awarded the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in 2008 for quality assurance.

In AMC we adopt Quality as the foundation of our existence and the strategy for growth. We are committed to continuously invest in developing our human capital and improving our network capacity, internal systems and processes’ capabilities in order to develop unique value propositions and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

AMC Service Analyzer helps measure progress and quality of new applications and hardware as it pertains to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs)