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Project Management & Professional Services

When describing a “large size project” we talk about projects with multi millions budget, with durations measured in year(s), requires a different and wide range of experiences, and need 10’s of team members, in such a projects the need of project management methodologies become more & more important.
Within the three holy boundaries (Scope, Cost, and Time) and other boundaries like (Quality, and Risk), AMC is able to meet the requirements & objectives of any IT projects.
AMC with its previous experience always aim to establish high level of coordination & integration between the different teams involved in your project, in the manner that every team has a full awareness of how his job is affecting the other teams & affecting the overall project.
Since changes are attributable to any project & should take place, AMC establishes  a mechanism to maintain the changes that might appear along the project by developing a clear & understood procedures for handling the changes, these procedures is to ensures the common understand of the change for everyone & also to ensure that changes is complying with the project objectives